How to Order

Bakery: (916) 444-0969

Planning a special event or just a sweet surprise for your family and friends?

Let us provide a distinctive dessert or custom cake. Call and speak directly to our pastry chef for ideas on what to serve to “wow” your guests. For custom wedding cakes, see the Wedding Cake section on our website and make an appointment to consult with our pastry chef.

You may order any item on our extensive dessert menu. Simply call our bakery 24 to 48 hours in advance to ensure that we have your order ready when you want it. Or visit Rick's to select from the dozens of desserts in our display cases every day.

Cake Sizes and Prices

Our standard two-layer cake is a 9” round. To add an additional layer for a “Mile High Cake” to serve 12 to 16 people, add $10.00 to the price listed on the menu for any cake.

One-quarter sheet cake (13” x 9”) serves 18 to 24 people. Add $20.00 to the menu price of any cake.
One-half sheet cake (13” x 18”) serves 48 to 60 people. Add $40.00 to the menu price of any cake.
Full sheet cake (24” x 19”) serves 80 to 120 people. Add $100.00 to the menu price of any cake.

Price options also apply to larger size cheesecakes, too.

Helpful Hint for Serving Delightful Desserts

Serve all desserts listed in our Cake category at room temperature.